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«Kosmos-SP» Scientific and Production Association develops hydrogen plants for various purposes.

To do this, we use the following technologies:

Plasma pyrolysis of natural gas in an oxygen-free environment for the production of hydrogen.

To purify hydrogen in the plants, the technology of filtration through metal membranes is used (the degree of purification is up to 99.9999%).

The technologies used in the hydrogen systems of our company allow us to scale the plants up to almost any industrial capacity.

Hydrogen production in our plants does not produce carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide. The by-product is carbon black in the solid phase.

To date, an plant with an input electric power of 9 kW has been developed.

Installation Characteristics

Hydrogen performance10 m³/h (0.4 kg/h)
Power9 kW

The company is working on the creation of plant of various capacities from 10 m³/h to 1000 m³/h.

Moreover, the efficiency of the plant increases with increasing power.

About company

The Cosmos-SP Research and Production Association brings together specialists with experience in complex projects, R&D, dozens of scientific publications, patents for inventions, speeches at scientific conferences.

We work in cooperation with MSTU im. N.E. Bauman, as well as with an industrial partner, which is equipped with a modern production base and has extensive experience in manufacturing complex and large equipment.

Pavel Shcherbina


Vladimir  Garmash

Administrative Director

Suslov Maxim Evgenievich

Director of Business Development

Gordenko Alexey Konstantinovich

Head of Gas Analysis and Purification Department

Illarionova Snezhana Yurievna

Head of Human Resources

Our partners

Our company cooperates with the leading scientific institutes of Russia.


    Contacts and directions

    Telephone: +7 495 924-05-00


    Address: Russia, Moscow, Elektrozavodskaya, 29, building 1, office 406